Monday, April 7, 2008

Spring Break

Well this weekend was another busy one. Friday Grandma Billie left us for 5-6 weeks, the kids are going thru withdrawls and I must admit I am too! Then Saturday was again soccer and baseball (the angels had a pretty bad loss, but it's ok, it just a game right!) Then I had a good time at Becca Long's 29th birthday party at Red Robin. I tried out this new salad fiesta chicken it was soo yummy I am craving it now. Sunday the boys headed to the farm and girls decided to stay home and get some stuff down around here, so basically we skipped church (don't tell anyone:-) Today is the first day of Spring Break and all Jaden wants to do is "GO TO THE FARM EVERYDAY" he loves it! The girls and I are hanging here today, the boys took the camera so there will be no pic of them today. Maybe some farm pics later. Have a good day!

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