Saturday, January 31, 2009


Jo had another photo shoot today…she loves Brittney and Blake!


You need family pics or senior pics or anything, Brit is you girl…check out her website!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

52 Things About "ME"

Here are 52 things you may or may not want to know about me but..... I saw this on Leslie's blog, she had 100 things, I had to take it down to 52, I thought it would be here goes.....

1. I grew up on a farm in Othello (the name of the road was Pump Access believe it or not).
2. I am the daughter and wife of a farmer.
3. I love BINGO.
4. I have worked at Battelle since 1993, my senior year in high school (COE student).
5. I married my best friend and high school sweetheart.
6. My favorite letter is "J". (go figure)
7. I was in colorguard in high school for ONE WEEK and will never live that down.
8. I love diamonds - well it is my birthstone and all!
9. My senior picture is still the picture on my current credit card...well they have never asked for a new one:-)
10. I love to ski.
11. I love to spend time with my kids.
12. My greatest fear is losing someone I love.
13. My collections as a child were thimbles and stickers and yes I still have them.
14. I hate to read.
15. I don't enjoy cooking.
16. I love Olive Garden.
17. Oh and I really love lettuce wraps from PF Changs.
18. I have VERY narrow feet making shoes impossible.
19. I like to garden.
20. I love to watch my kids play sports.
21. I love finding good deals.
22. My middle name is Renee (my mom's name).
23. I love to travel to warm places.
24. I have one brother and one sister.
25. I am the oldest sibling.
26. I went to 3 different private christian schools up till 7th grade.
27. One of the schools only had 8 students, I was related to at least 4:-)
28. I was Honor Star in junior high for the Assembly of God and Wendi is still so jealous.
29. I played piano for years, but am still not very good.
30. I am a member of the First Family Baptist Church in Richland.
31. I played basketball and softball in high school and got cut from both junior year, yah i was really good:-)
32. I am almost done (like 3 classes away) from a 2 year business degree. Maybe some day!
33. I like to keep the peace.
34. I used to have a mullet - I think my mom wanted me to look like a dork.
35. I am 32 I think.
36. I am lactose intolerant and love dairy.
37. I had lasik surgery two years ago and love it.
38. My first car was a red Mazda MX-6.
39. I have a tank top fettish according to Billie.
40. I love to yard sale and think I may have an addiction - do they have an 800 #?
41. I am addicted to blogging and reading blogs. Why my husband says?
42. I love spending time with my family!
43. Yes I used to cruise Clearwater...back in the day.
44. I have a pink pillow I take anywhere I go for overnight and get made fun of.
45. I still have my yellow daisy blanket I had as a child, but I DON'T sleep with it.
46. I am always late, right Jer??
47. I always wanted to be a kindergarten teacher??
48. I am a coupon clipper.
49. I am afraid of getting old.
50. I have high blood pressure.
51. My nicknames are sister sue, olive oil and pete.
52. I have the longest arms, I think I am part ape, I have a hard time finding long sleeve shirts.
Now I challenge you to post things about you!

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Friday, January 23, 2009

Sunny Skiing Today At Ski Bluewood

Today was another awesome ski day.  We went to Bluewood and had sunny skis.  The kids both advanced a ton today.  Jaden is a snowboard machine and Joelie even went down Tamarack with me!!  I think we have new skiing/snowboarding buddies!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Nails Today

Abbey picked out press on nails today at Walmart, they look pretty good, but I think she may have ate the thumb one while thumb sucking…I can’t find it!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Great Weekend

This weekend was awesome! We left Saturday morning, checked into the Davenport (which is a REALLY nice place) Joelie and I took a nap while the boys went to play some laser tag. We then met my good OLD friends from junior high (back in Othello) Janell and her family and Kristina (aka TINA) at the The Spaghetti Factory and had such a good time talking about the good old days! Then Sunday morning we headed up to Mt Spokane for Joelie’s first skiing experience and Jaden’s first snowboard experience. Once we got everyone’s gear on and went potty for the 50th time we finally started. Of course Joelie said I can’t about 100 times, but by about 2 pm, they both had caught on and were loving it. It was the best skiing day I have ever had. I was HOT for the first time ever skiing. Had no gloves or coat on! I want to go again really soon because they were just getting it when it was time to go. But we spent the ENTIRE day there! We went back to the hotel and changed and then walked to PF Changs for some good lettuce wraps. This morning we had breakfast with another friend Tracy, it was nice to see her again and it was a really good breakfast. After breakfast, we HAD to go to the pool since we hadn't made it there yet. So the kids and Jer did a little swimming before we checked out. We then headed to the valley mall where Jeremy dropped us girls off to TJ Maxx and Old Navy while they headed to Cabelas. If you haven’t been to Old Navy’s sale, you should they are having 50% off clearance – some killer deals! We then went to Boston's I think it is called and ate lunch with Janell and the boys, our kids get along so good! Fun times! Anyway, it was an AWESOME weekend. I will try to post some videos of the kids on the hill.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Joelie's Art Work from Preschool

Joelie brought this home today from preschool. I said “You did a really good job, what are the circles?” She says I forgot…interesting!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I Love Hand-Me-Downs

I just love hand-me-downs, is this not the cutest snow suit in the world, I LOVE IT!!  Oh and the little girl in the suit is pretty cute too!  Thank you so much Renee, I owe you big time!!  She can’t wait to try it out on the ski hill!  Go Jo!