Wednesday, August 20, 2008

We Miss Grandma Billie

We took Grandma Billie to Spokane this weekend to fly out to San Diego to VISIT her mom. She says she is staying a while. We may starve to death before she returns. How do we survive on juice and mayo!! This is what the fridge looks like tonight, sad! We miss her!
Cherie Bearie scared us and was in the hospital from Sunday until today. Baby Jayce Penny was trying to say it was time to see her aunt Jamie, but she needs to grow a little more. Cherie take it easy. I will take the kids ANYTIME (well except wed and thurs:-)!
We went to the fair last night and had tons of fun. I will post some pics when Wendi sends them to me. Everyone have a great night!! Goodnight:-)

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Cherie said...

Wow, your fridge looks worse than mine did when I got home yesterday. Maybe I should have Dave come and fill yours up for you like he did mine yesterday. We don't have a lot of "healthy" stuff but we're all stocked up on goodies for a while! :)