Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Joelie's First Day of Preschool

Monday we got Joelie's toes painted...she had to show Grandma Billie...so here they are. She was worried they wouldn't show out her shoes! Yikes...

Here she is...backpack and all.

Her and abba dabba posing.

When I told her to show me how much she liked school this is what she did. I guess she likes it, what do you think?? My baby...:-(


Gandma Billie's blog said...

Joelie I like your toes! and you looked so pretty in your brown dress! I am so glad you liked school. I got my toes done today too. I miss you, love Grandma Billie

Natalie said...

She is getting so big, so sad, they are not supposed to grow up as fast as they are!