Monday, December 29, 2008

Day 4: Butler Cousin Reunion 2008...

Day 4:  The Cousin Reunion is wrapping up…Johny and Bailey were the first to head out of here this morning, then left the seattle bus (chad returned them home safely) and then Jared and Abbey took off around 2.  We made a mall run, (if you haven’t been to bath and body works, you should, they are having a killer sale!)  Billie came home – YEAH!  Jason, Jordan and Ariane fly out of here tomorrow afternoon and then it will be just be us.  We had a great time but again do appreciate our aunts very much!  Happy New Years soon!



P.S  Hi Favorite Jo, Favorite Sami, Favorite Jackie and Favorite Robbie and of course Favorite Grandma Billie!


Gandma Billie's blog said...

I am so glad to be home, I could just click my heels! Thanks for the bloging, you are so great! Love ya much

Anonymous said...

We appreciate you all so much and love that you took this on. It warms our hearts to see you all building the future generations reunions.

You rock!