Tuesday, February 3, 2009

To Set the Record Straight...

We received several calls yesterday worried about my dad being robbed. I just verified he is home, no bump on his head that I can see, he has is wallet, tv and car. So all is good in the John MICHEL household. Thank goodness!

KENNEWICK, Wash-- Kennewick police officers are looking for three suspects they say knocked a man over the head with a gun then robbed him.

It happened Saturday afternoon. Officers say three people were let into John Michaels' home on the 400 block of South Olympia Street. That's when they hit him over the head. When Michaels woke up his wallet, t-v and car were missing.

Officers found the car Sunday morning a few blocks away. We spoke with Michaels, who didn't want to go on camera. He says he didn't know the suspects. He described one of the them as having a beard.

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Anonymous said...

Too funny... I heard about this and thought of your Dad, but once they gave his address I knew it wasnt him!