Sunday, April 19, 2009

April 19 - 33 years old

I had an awesome day today the day began with sleeping in, then we got ready to go to the farm. We went to McD's for breakfast burritos, then headed out! We checked a few circles, did a little exploring, went fishing, went on a hike, saw a turtle, caught a fish, rode the 4-wheeler, did some batting practice and took a little nap on the way home. When we got home Granny made dinner and my family was there to celebrate, we hung out in the back yard and played with the kids even my brother and his family were in town. Thanks for all the calls, emails and cards:-) Oh and we did a little red neck boating, see video below. What to expect for 34! I had better rest up!


smargaret2003 said...

Your family rocks! I love these pictures and red neck boating that is my favorite. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jamie your a great friend and roll model to us all on being a great mom!



Happy Birthday Jamie!!
Looks like you had a great day!!
Love the pictures!