Sunday, May 3, 2009

2nd Best Day of Jaden's Life Thanks to Blake

Jaden has had the second best day of his life...It started out Friday afternoon when he got to go to a camp cookout with the Egli's--he had a blast. Then on Saturday morning we started off with the yard sale, then off to baseball pictures, baseball game against Chacers (in which we WON this time), then off to his last soccer game. He came home and we told him we had a surprise for him. See video below:-) The first game Blake gave him tickets to, he told him it was the best day of his life!! Well then after he knew where he was going we told him we had one more surprise...he was going with his daddy and his best friend for life and his daddy (Chacers and Dave), he just fell on the ground in surprise! Can you tell we love this kid?

And I almost forgot, he got a game ball to top the night off, thanks again Kluse's!!

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