Monday, July 6, 2009

4th of July Family Reunion

Well this year’s family reunion was definitely an interesting one to say the least.  We got word of the flu had hit the house before we got there but we just thought we would all just wash a lot and try to avoid the sick…  We arrived at midnight Thursday night and had a nice relaxing day of fun, food and games on Friday, then all broke loose on Saturday.  When we woke, we found out that Uncle Murray had been sick all night.  The day started off with the boys heading to a rafting trip (which Jason was feeling not so good before he left).  Abbey starting puking around breakfast time, some of us headed to watch the boys and go to the beach around noon.  Joelie puked once we got to the beach but then seemed fine, we had fun at the beach.  We headed back to the Moose Lodge and Joelie got sick again and we found out that Wendi wasn’t feeling too good either.  We all made the decision it was probably best to head home and all be sick at home…well all didn’t go as well as planned.  The car ride home was HORRIBLE!  We left with Abbey and Jo both puking in bags.  About 45 minutes from Jo’s we got pulled over for speeding, he let us go…I think he could smell the puke radiating from the car.  At Lewiston Billie yelled pull into the gas station QUICK and she ran in and puked, while she was in there Wendi decided to puke in the car and smelled it up to high heaven.  Back on the road again…about 15 miles later another pull over and Matt is out puking…now it is only me and Jaden.  I drove the rest of the way home scared to death of puking or pooping myself all the way home.  I made it, but yes by 1:00 am I had the puke myself.  Jaden is the only one who made it thru!!  We are all better now and hope Jeremy didn’t catch anything when we got home.  The mask hopefully worked!  A family reunion we will NEVER forget.  Only 4 people made it out alive and wellJ  Yeah for Jackie, Stuart, Grandma Butler and Jaden!

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Natalie said...

Wow! What a weekend! Glad you are feeling better now!!