Sunday, March 2, 2008


This was a homeless woman on the beach.
This is a cute little girl who ate dirt.
Josie, Tina and Wenni.
Josie and baby girl Michel. Wow what a tummy!
Abs loving the beach.
We are in the process of changing Jaden's John Deere room to an orange, green and blue room. A lot more work than I anticipated. It has been the family event for the weekend. I will post some pics of the completed project hopefully tomorrow or Tuesday. Today was another nice day here in Kennewick, hope you all are having a great Sunday! Here are some of the Oregon Coast pics I promised like 10 blogs ago.

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Cherie said...

Who is that homeless person??? I hope you gave her or him some sort of assistance, they look like they need it. I didn't know Tina went with you, why didn't I get invited??? Some friend you are!