Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday - Painting

My Painter, isn't he cute!

Orange and Green. I love it.

The bedspread is what inspired the colors.

Today was a busy day at the Eder household. We picked up Jaden from school (early release) and headed over to Hubby's to meet the Jenkins for lunch. Then home for a quick nap and off to Joelie's 3rd birthday well checkup. She is good to go for another year:-) Then home to paint and get ready for another day. 3 of the 4 walls are almost done...I will take more pics when we are finished! Goodnight!


Cherie said...

I don't think your son is going to be able to sleep with those bright walls staring at him all night. I hope the 4th wall is a little calmer! Ha ha, just teasing!

Anonymous said...

Lookig good! Thanks for the pics. Miss you guys. love, Grandma

Jamie.... "Possession is 9/10's of the law" and I have her!! FYI there is no $$ so kidnapping is out of the question.

Natalie said...

What a huge project! You are brave! Looks good though!! Can't wait to see his room all done!