Saturday, October 25, 2008

Busy Saturday


Today was a busy day...Today is Jeremy's Birthday so this morning the kids were so excited to give him the presents they wrapped him. We then headed to Jaden's last soccer game...then off to Abbey's 2nd Birthday Party...which was a princess theme!

In which, The One and Only Snow White made an appearance, oh and that is my other neice Myli...isn't she soooo cute!

I know, I look like a psycho, the things you will do for family!!
We then went to dinner for Jeremy's birthday at Famous Dave's...the little girls stayed with Grandma, they had enough partying for the day!
and Wendi and I split a pulled chicken sandwich, and guess who found a bone in MY half of the sandwich, GROSS, sandwiches are supposed to have bones, I could have barfed...why are bones haunting me???? Evidence...

Which resulted in a free bread pudding dessert...

and goodnight!


Anonymous said...

What is with you and chicken bones? First BK and now Daves?

The Love Family said...

Ewe...your bone experiences are grossing me out! I loved your costume but it looks a little more like Minnie Mouse to me! Nothing compares to Matt's Barney costume though :} Please wish your hubby a happy belated b-day from the Loves.

Leslie said...

You are a great Snow White!!! Very fun! We're never to old to play dress up....once a year!