Monday, November 24, 2008


Thankful - Day 24

I am so thankful for my baby boy Jaden and the young man he has grown up to be. We had our parent/teacher conference yesterday and he makes us so proud. He has 26 + (exceeds expectation of 2nd grade) and 10 check+'s...we are so proud of our big 2nd grader! He has such good handwriting (he must take after his mom!) He is so kind, loving, athletic and most of all handsome and we love him soo much. The other night Joelie wanted to have a sleep over in his room, so we let them and I tucked them in and shut the door, I stayed outside the door for a little bit to was the cutest thing ever! Jaden says to her, "You want to say our prayers" and she says "Yeah". So I listened to him pray and then it was her turn, she thinks she still needs help, so I hear her ask him to help her. So he tells her what to say and then they both say Amen. Then he says "I love you sissy, goodnight and she says I love you too...I couldn't stop smiling and thinking that "God gave them to ME" Thank you God for my kids!

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