Monday, November 17, 2008


Yes, I know I need to work on the fish face, I just can't do it for some reason!

Thankful - Day 17

I am very thankful for my baby sister Wendi who is often confused as my twin, which she Hates! I think she is much prettier than me and is 5 years younger than me so I take it as a big compliment when asked if we are twins. She is my best friend and I am lucky enough to have her live only a few doors down from me. Her and Matthew are in Vegas right now and have left my Abbey Dabbey with me (mimi) to love on while they are gone! She sure does miss her mommy and daddy! I am so proud of you two, you are awesome parents and she loves you both alot.

Abbey is practicing to be a take care of us when we are old!

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